Air Safaris

We offer a wide array of air safaris visiting some of the most interesting parks in Kenya, with some too remote to access by road.

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City Tour & Day Trips

We offer a number of day trips and excursions that depart everyday visiting the numerous attractions in Kenya.

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Jeep & van Safaris

Road safaris are the best way of seeing the countryside and very flexible when it comes to game viewing.

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We have many available safari options to suit and accommodate everyone and their traveling style.

Two Days Safaris

Short one-night safaris for those with limited time visiting one park.

Three Days Safaris

2 Nights in one or two locations a short but thorough safari with plenty of wildlife and more.

Four Days Safaris

Spent 3 nights in one or several parks to experience the diversity.

Five Days Safaris

Spend 4 nights in different parks with varied geographical settings.

Six Days Safaris

On this safaris you will be visiting multiple parks spread out across the country.

Over Seven-Days Safaris

These safaris visit entire country with wide range of destinations that may include two countries.

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